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    Flents Foam Ear Plugs 10 ea

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    Sleep better naturally! Latex free. Protects hearing by reducing harmful noise. Flents-quality products sine 1927. Excellent for: Sleeping; Power tools; Lawn mowing; Car racing; Concerts; Rifle range; Studying. NRR (Noise reduction rating) 29 decibels (when used as directed): The attenuation values were obtained under laboratory conditions and are for comparison purposes only. The amount of protection afforded may differ depending on how the protectors are fitted and worn. The attenuation values in actual use may be lower. The range of noise reduction ratings for existing Hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30 (higher numbers denote greater effectiveness). Made in U.S.A.


    1. With clean hands, slowly roll plug into a thin, crease-free cylinder. 2. While compressed, insert plug into ear canal. Fitting is easier if outer ear is pulled outwards and upwards during insertion. 3. With fingertips, hold plug in place until it begins to expand and block noise. The degree of noise reduction depends upon proper insertion.


    Keep away from infants and small children. This product is non-toxic, but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe.

    Drug Interactions

    • Brand: Flents
    • Form: Foam
    • Size: 10 Ea